Set up your success story amid the retail setback

Set up your success story amid the retail setback

LS Central for Retail

The complete unified commerce platform to manage your entire retail and food service operations efficiently.

Tired of outdated system for your retail business? Having problem with different software solutions that cannot communicate properly and creating inconsistent data? Need a system from front to back-end? Shift to LS Central for Retail, the unified commerce software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

LS Central for Retail is an end-to-end retail management system that gives retailers full control over their business processes, and real-time access to valuable data and analytical tools. LS Central for Retail covers the whole business, from accounting, reporting and merchandising to store operations and POS, providing retailers with a full range of functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding retail environment.

Features and Benefits

Unify your business front to back

Control all your business processes, including purchasing, warehouses, CRM, store sales, distribution, franchises and financials, in one platform.

Unify your viewpoint

Get a comprehensive view of your enterprise and a 360-degree picture of your customers by maintaining all your core business information in one, centralized database.

Unify your channel

Centrally manage products, prices, campaigns, offers and more for all your physical locations, e-commerce and m-commerce sites.

Unify your brand

Manage all your retail and food service verticals across your enterprise within one solution with deep industry functionality.


Empower your employees

Give your people the best tools to do their job effectively

Give customers all the information they need, close sales and perform inventory tasks anywhere in store: The Point of Sale runs on any type of device.

Engage shoppers and help them discover new items with system’s conversational commercial tools.

Target customer’s desires with AI-powered product recommendations at the POS.

Enable your staff to quickly find the information they need with the system’s role-based view.

Easily move employees across departments: the same system, with the same interface, is used in the front and back of store, across retail and hospitality.

Reduce risk

Stay open to new opportunities, not to risk.

Reduce manual work and mistakes with the system’s automation.

See your business data in real time and take timely, informed decisions.

Oversee your whole enterprise within one centralized platform.

Cut IT Costs: fewer system means fewer integrations to set up and maintain.

Easily track your KPIs in the advanced Business Intelligence tools.

Run the system on-premises, in the cloud, or as hybrid solution.

Delight modern customers

Deliver the kind of experience that drives shoppers back.

Create a smooth customer journey with consistent look and feel, no matter the channel.

Deliver relevant, timely and personalized offers and product recommendations across all touchpoint.

Offer flexible services such as click and collect, online inventory visibility and returns across channels.

Run loyalty programs that reward consumers across the channels.

For global players and local needs

Run your company anywhere in the world, whatever your industry.

Easily configure the system to comply with different legal and fiscal requirements.

Get a real-time overview of all your locations from HQ.

Centrally manage pricing, items, campaigns, offers and promotions.

Unify your business process across channels, industries and regions.

What can LS Central for Retail do for your retail business?

Streamline your business with an integrated solution that covers the whole retail operation.

Offer your customers an excellent service, as our solutions can also work offline.

Manage your whole activity from central office: monitor sales, stock levels and productivity.

Check how your business is performing in real time; make better financial decisions basing on precise, up-to-date information.

Our intuitive, graphic interface drastically reduces staff training’s times and costs.

Notify your customers via email, text message and mobile app notification.

Our centrally maintained system allows you to use fewer staff members to perform the same tasks, easier and faster.

Let our system find the perfect product mix for your store, meet sales goals and increase your margins.

Design highly customized loyalty programs and send them straight to your customers’ mobiles.

Prevent loss of revenue as our system warns you in case of unauthorized discounts and invalid returns.

How LS Retail is leveraging
Dynamics 365 Business Central

LS Central, unified commerce software solution, is available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

PASI is the most trusted LS Retail partner in the Philippines.

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your entire retail and food service operations more efficiently.

Retail Management Hero

The Absolute Modern-Day Retail POS Solution

It is of no surprise that the demands in the retail industry are increasing as technology is ever advancing. How do you take your operations to new heights?

Introducing the absolute modern-day retail point-of-sale (POS) solution. Retail Management Hero™ (RMH). It provides today’s retailers with a complete POS capability, inventory management and replenishment, sales reporting features, and a 360-degree view of customers’ profile to drive better shopping experience and customer loyalty.

RMH is a standalone software system that helps small to medium-sized store chains improve business intelligence (BI) while operating smarter and faster throughout the entire retail environment. Packed with features and functionality, RMH addresses the needs of businesses in many verticals within the retail sector, including convenience, grocery, apparel, sporting goods, wine and spirits, gift and specialty.

RMH Store
A smart, stable, and scalable POS solution

Simple, clean and intuitive design

One of the most-loved features of RMH Store is the point-of-sale (POS) graphical user interface with its intuitive layout and fast learning curve. Retailers can easily process all the POS functions at the store checkout terminals, including sales transactions, inventory lookup, customer management, various tender entries, and more. Customize the POS screen with different backgrounds and colors. For example, change the font size, screen resolution and light/dark color scheme. There are also additional payment processors to RMH to facilitate global options for credit card / debit / other mobile wallet solutions.

Built-in omnichannel loyalty

Create powerful and flexible customer loyalty scenarios involving various types of loyalty points and rewards. Use active multiple loyalty programs at the same time and apply them to different item categories, customers, etc. This means the functionality to offer a wide variety of special incentives to devoted customers — for the long-term!

Powerful easy to read reports

With powerful reporting built into RMH, keeping an eye on your daily store reports is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Identify at a glance your moving inventory, real-time sales data and customer transactions, which will help you make informed business decisions. You also have the ability
to create and customize your own reports.

Payment processing options

RMH comes built with payment processing options out of the box. Through RMH’s integration to payment gateways and processors, you have the flexibility to work with the processor of your choice. Key features include EMV, Gift Card, EBT, Cashback and more.

Extend, customize, scale

RMH is built to allow for a multitude of third-party add on integrations and application services. This enables you to easily add functionality to make it a perfect fit for your business — now and in the future.

Powerful back office capability

Automate and manage back-office operations including merchandising, inventory and customers. You can also utilize wizards for setup and mass changes to the database as well as generate and customize reports. Retailers will appreciate the enhanced functionality to Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, and Accounts Receivable.

Multi-Store Retail Management

Retail Management Hero (RMH) Central enables any size retailer in a variety of vertical markets to process and report on point of sale (POS) and in-store functions for  a multi-store environment. This means that all stores in the retail enterprise running RMH Central can automatically communicate with the headquarters office solution regarding everything from store configuration and customer accounts, to sales, pricing and inventory information.

Multi-unit retail chains need a fully integrated enterprise solution to effectively run business operations. With Retail Management Hero (RMH) Central, managing and configuring multi-unit operations has never been easier.

All of a retail chain’s valuable enterprise data can be managed from one, centralized system, ensuring that not only are data transfers fast, accurate, and secure, but the insights gleaned from the data provide the visibility required to make better business decisions.

Best of all, RMH Central utilizes the latest network communication technology.

Streamlining Multi-Store Retail Management With A System Built For The Industry

Inventory Control

Unify stock details across multiple stores and centralize management of your suppliers, purchase orders, invoices and credit notes, while easily creating transfer ins and transfer outs orders.

Gift & Loyalty

Leverage a complete customer loyalty and rewards program that helps your customers build and retain loyalty, support and dedication to your brand. It’s a centralized way to manage incentive groups, collections, redemptions, accelerators and more.

Central Reporting

Gain more visibility into operations with a complete reporting system for each aspect of centralized store management.

Accounts Receivable

Manage the financial aspects of your accounts with a centralized view of your billing system.

Schedule Sales & Promotions

Enhance your sales and promotions by managing all retail locations from one centralized management platform.

Globalization Global Customer Records

Choose from multiple languages, VAT, TAX, and payment options for many regions across the world.

PASI is the exclusive distributor for RMH in the Philippines.

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Simple, Affordable Foot Traffic Solution

Traditional brick-and-mortar shops are severely challenged today with the proliferation and customer acceptance of online stores. Providing a good in-store customer experience is ever important in today’s marketplace. To do this, retailers need to have access to reliable store information real time.

DynamicTrak is an affordable traffic counting solution that provides retailers with a straightforward, easy to use platform to access in-store traffic data enabling store owners to view store traffic counts from anywhere, at any time.

Traffic Valuable Insights

Track and understand your store’s foot traffic versus actual sales

Track marketing campaign effectiveness

Analyze historical traffic trends​​

Create a better staff schedule

Improve customer experience

Monitor store efficiency

Easy on the budget, easy on maintenance

No Hardware Cost

No maintenance

Self-installed. Up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Access information real-time

Keep up with your conversion rates amid social distancing measures.

Track and manage your in-store visitor traffic with our simple and affordable foot traffic solution and turn up your sales into sky-high with every “drop by”.

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