Take better control over
your company’s finances

Take better control over
your company’s finances

Expense Management

Tracking of expenses is critical for any business. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good expense system in place.

The Expense Management Mobile App is designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and developed using Microsoft Power Apps & Microsoft Power Automate. It is an app designed to help you take better control over your company’s finances even while you are on the go. Whether you need a team member to file work-related expenses, review and pay bills, this app gives you centralized control over expense approvals and business mileage.

Be on top of your finances with
Expense Management

Hassle-free expense reimbursement

Reimburse cash payments quickly and efficiently. Ensuring claims abide by company policy and are correctly coded for Business Central.

Submit on any device

It is a fully paperless system. Gather up expenses in moments to submit as a report to your manager, then track the approval on any device so that you stay informed.

Seamless integration with Business Central

No rekeying required as approved expenses are recorded directly in Business Central as purchase invoices or journals, with employee/vendor, general ledger, dimension and tax codes already set, so expenses are ready to reimburse or book to jobs.

Set expense limits

Set policies to put your finance team back in control of expenditure. Limits for each type of expense and vehicle control allowable expenditure, either with warnings for approvers or by preventing expense reports from being submitted.

Features of Expense Management

Cash advance is a short-term loan from the management that can be accessed in the App.

Liquidation is the process of settling the liabilities from the cash advance. You can only add a Liquidation Expense if the Cash Advance is approved.

Reimbursement is the act of compensating someone for an out-of-pocket expense by giving them an amount of money equal to what was spent.

Road distances for business trips are calculated using Bing Maps. Allowance is calculated automatically according to total distance and the given amount.

All the expenses that will be processed in the App will be sent to an Approver to review their request. Approver will receive an email for any expense reports needing approval.

As you incur an expense, enter it on your phone and snap a photo of the receipt, or forward any emailed receipt for online bookings.

Automatic reminder emails chase in late approvals, helping streamline the expense management process and saving your finance team time.

Buy back your time from handling tedious expense processes.

Capture the total picture of your company’s finances easily with PASI’s Expense Management App.

Requisition Document and Purchase Canvass

Our highly experienced team at PASI developed the Requisition Document and Purchase Canvass add-on features to the Purchases and Inventory Modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now called Business Central) to promote transparency across your company’s resources and making supplier selection easy by automating the purchase requisition and canvassing stages of your procurement process.

Requisition Document

Used to write down an order request if a need arises for certain items or services to be purchased. You can use the Requisition Document to list items that need to be purchased or canvassed, transferred to another location, and items that need to be expensed out.

Each Requisition Document is assigned with a unique Requisition Number that acts as a handy reference for tracking and reporting purposes along with departments codes and admin cost codes.

The Requisition Document provides you with options to allocate each item being requested to the specific accounts with the following scenarios:

Choose Item Account if you are requesting for items maintained in your inventory.

Choose this option for requesting for non-inventory items, items that need to be purchased including services and job orders.

Choose this option if you are requesting for fixed asset item.

Upon the approval of the purchase requisitions listed through the Requisition Document, you can choose the best supplier through the Purchase Canvass.

Purchase Canvass

This feature enhances the Purchases and Inventory module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now called Business Central) by allowing you to record canvass made to different suppliers and automatically select the best supplier.

To satisfy the requestor’s items and services requirements while optimizing your company’s resources, you can easily enter and compare supplier quotations and define the criteria for selecting the best supplier based on pricing, delivery schedule, and payment terms.

This window records the details of the pricing, delivery schedule, and payment terms of your canvass from various vendors. ​

This window records the details of the pricing, delivery schedule, and payment terms of your canvass from various vendors. ​

This window function converts the canvass sheet to a Purchase Order automatically.​​

This function converts the canvass sheet to a Purchase Order automatically.​

Get the best out of PASI’s Purchase Requisition and Canvassing Modules.

Discover how to ensure transparency across the organization’s resources and select the best supplier.

Request Document System

The Request Document System (RDS) is an add-on application for automating and managing list of items, services or fixed assets being requested for purchase, transfer, and adjustments.

If you think that this is likely a mere form for your employees to fill out, think again. The RDS app will play an important role in your organization by facilitating:


Features and Benefits

Real-Time Visibility and Budget Tracking​

Easy and Efficient Operations​

Personalized View for Easy Tracking​

Improved Security and Risk Management

Start your requisition process transformation with RDS.

License Management

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