Streamline your lease
management workflows

Streamline your lease
management workflows

Dynamic Tenancy Management System

Finding the right technology to manage your property is equally important as finding the right tenants. It can be burdensome and time-consuming to oversee maintenance, payments, tenants and customers in multiple systems.

Built using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Navision technologies, Dynamic Tenant Management System (TMS) allows you to integrate your commercial, retail, and real estate needs into one holistic solution by automating the lease, utility and retail sales computations, monitoring renewals, tracking vacancies, generating bills, and managing customer information.

Tenant Management

  • Tenant and customer information management including historical data storage
  • Utility, maintenance, Common Use Service Area (CUSA) fees and other recurring charges computation
  • Interests and penalty calculations
  • Utility meter reading
  • Prompt payment discount and various payment options
  • Percentage sales computation for malls
  • Various options for tenant rental charges (e.g. basic rent, basic rent plus percentage of sales, fixed amount, percentage of sales only, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of billing reminders
  • Billing statement and official receipt generation
  • Various billing method and payment frequency choices
  • Post-dated check management

Stall/Space Management

  • Vacancy rates
  • Storage of important information like floor area and historical data of each space

Property Maintenance

  • Maintenance procedures storage for each equipment or facility
  • Maintenance schedules creation and status monitoring
  • Repair requisition and progress tracking
  • Automatic generation of costing for each job request

Financial Management

  • General ledger and journals
  • Receivables and Payables management
  • Bank account management and reconciliation
  • Budgets creation and variances reporting
  • Fixed assets management
  • Internal and external reporting facilities

To provide you with a glimpse of what’s in the pipeline for Tenant Management System, we will be soon announcing in detail the current developments for this solution that include Floor Plan, Contract Management, Tenant Portal that will most definitely add more value in your property management system.

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