Bring retail at your fingertips with an all-in-one platform

Bring retail at your fingertips with an all-in-one platform


The declining demand of malls especially during these unprecedented times has affected brick-and-mortar businesses. Setting the flexibility to adapt and integrate new channels is essential for smoother customer experience as the online purchasing of products and services is now more preferred and becomes part of the new normal.

Stay ahead of the new trends with Dynamicweb. This powerful end-to-end B2B & B2C e-Commerce platform combines Content Management System, e-Commerce, Product Information Management, and Marketing capabilities to create powerful customer experiences across all channels through multiple devices.

Features and Benefits

Content Management

Customer Experience

• Build responsive sites for devices like mobile and tablets
• Deliver your message consistent to multiple channels
• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant content

Handle your content

• Operate multilingual sites from one platform
• Use drafts, compare versions and setup workflows
• Optimize content for SEO with keyword analysis tool

Scale and Customize

• Based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology
• Use extensibility framework to extend or change behavior
• Create your own apps or integrate with other systems


Customer Experience

• Multi-channel publishing and support for all devices
• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant products
• Suggested type ahead site-search and product filtering

Growth Drivers

• Operate multiple B2B and B2C stores from one platform
• Multi language, currency, payments
and taxes
• Integrated email marketing automation

Process Optimization

• ERP integration for product data, invoicing, credit check etc.
• Self-service for reorder, returns and order history
• Customer-specific prices and discounts from the ERP​

Digital Marketing

Customer Experience

• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant content
• Content adaption for all devices like mobiles and tablet
• Multi-channel capabilities for consistency across channels

Email Marketing

• Personalized emails based on behavior or segmentation
• Automated campaign triggers based on metrics or behavior
• Various split test possibilities to increase click rates and ROI

Lead Generation

• Build landing pages with compelling forms and CTAs
• Boost traffic from SEO with built in keyword analysis tool
• Improve customer data through CRM integration

Product Information Management

Less Complexity

• PIM and Ecommerce in the same platform or stand alone
• Faster implementation compared to other PIM systems
• Manage product relationships and use live frontend preview

PIM Backend Capabilites

• Enrich, group and organize your products and variants
• Validate and monitor changes with notifications and workflows
• Import and export your product data to Excel

PIM Frontend Capabilities

• Standard frontend with self-service for partners and dealers
• Download product data & digital asset in relevant formats
• Deliver feeds to marketplaces, channels and printed catalogs

Integration Framework

Customer Experience

• Customer-specific catalogues, prices and terms
• 24/7 real-time self-service across all online channels
• Optimize delivery quality with real-time inventory information

Business Process Optimization

• Scale your business with faster order to cash handling
• Reuse existing business logic from your ERP system
• Optimize your whole supply chain flow with integration

Standard Integrations

• Dynamics NAV, AX, D365, Business Central and LS Retail
• Marketing integration for Dynamics CRM
• Open Integration Framework for any other system

Development Platform


• Template driven design with full design freedom
• Rapid implementation using simple markup
• Define any numbers of dynamic content placeholders and navigations
• Free choice of HTML, Razor or XSLT in templates
• Support for any HTML format, HTML4, XHTML or HTML5


• Extend or change default behavior using the extensibility framework
• Subscribe to notifications, create your own providers and extenders
• Create custom modules
• 100’s of code templates for Visual Studio (2010, 2012 and 2013)
• Import and export item contents from the data management interface


• .NET 4.5 (ASP.NET)
• IIS 7+ on Windows 2008+
• SQL-server 2008+
• Multi browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE)

More than your online shopping platform for goods and services! Dynamicweb combines Content Management, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, and Product Information Management into one platform. This video will show you all these rich functionalities in a nutshell.

Be on top of the game with PASI’s all-in-one e-commerce platform solution for your business’ entire digital needs!

Visit the website of Dynamicweb to learn more.