PASI emerges to be the very first to earn the Cloud-Ready digital badge from LS Retail

Among all the partners of LS Retail across the globe, Performance Advantage Systems International, Inc. (PASI) is the very first to earn the Cloud-Ready digital badge. This has been awarded exclusively to PASI for successfully completing an implementation of LS Central in the cloud for Pinkberry.

“Great to see our partner PASI jumping on our Evergreen Train and helping customers to get more out of their LS Central investment, such Pinkberry. We are 100% committed to helping our partners and customers to take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud,” says Qiping Sun, Vice President, LS Retail.

By running their systems in the cloud, Pinkberry is now able to resolve the pressing concerns of staying up to date automatically and regularly, enhancing productivity, reducing risks of system downtime, making smarter and reliable decisions, deploying mission-critical applications promptly, accessing and tracking of business data 24/7, supporting remote work effectively while having data security and threats intelligence in place.

“Seeing PASI taking the lead as the first move is a great achievement. We look forward to welcoming many more customers from PASI to join us on this journey,” Qiping Sun added.

“This award is extremely important as it validates our competence in managing successful cloud implementation outcomes,” says Audry Tan, LS Retail Account Management Head, Performance Advantage Systems International, Inc.
As advocates of digital transformation, we have been relentless in encouraging our LS Central clients to take the step towards moving their systems to the cloud for them to remain competitive even amid uncertain times. We trust that this award will earnestly drive our clients to adopt new ways of operating their businesses in the cloud,” she enthusiastically added.

On top of our Dynamic LS Retail Partner assigned logo that certifies our competence in the LS Retail software solutions and the outstanding quality of our services, the Cloud-Ready digital badge appears in the Find a Partner section of the LS Retail website. For more details, please contact us at 632-8654-1434.

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