PASI widens its horizons by partnering with Dynamicweb to help build and optimize powerful e-commerce experiences

Performance Advantage Systems International, Inc. (PASI) establishes a new collaboration with Dynamicweb to provide an all-in-one omnichannel solution for content management, e-commerce, digital marketing and integration to its clients.

“Today’s retailers are experiencing tremendous pressure to keep up with their new digital transformation initiatives. Retailers are looking for robust omnichannel solutions that are fast and easy to implement, so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Microsoft Dynamics Team and Dynamicweb share this vision. With this combined solution, we aim to set new standards for omnichannel out-of-the-box functionality. Dynamicweb is excited to partner with PASI to bring this solution to businesses in the Philippines,“ shares Puspak Patro, APAC Business Lead, Dynamicweb.

The demand of e-commerce solutions rises as the pandemic takes its toll to traditional brick-and-mortar shops during the quarantine period. A lot of businesses are now moving their services online to cater their customers’ essential and non-essential needs.

“Research shows a 23% surge in online shopping activities in the Philippines during the COVID-19 outbreak making e-commerce solutions even more essential in the new normal. Our partnership with Dynamicweb enables us to support the ramped up digital needs of our clients as they weather through the crisis by leveraging the benefits of a reliable omnichannel solution like Dynamicweb,” says Len Amin, Business Solutions Lead, Performance Advantage Systems International, Inc.

Its partnership with Dynamicweb not only empowers PASI to extend the value of the platform to its clients but also ensures the organization of delivering successful implementation through Dynamicweb’s assistance in pre-sales demos, trainings, and development.

For more details, please contact us at 632-8654-1434.

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